Class Effort Checker

On KAMAR go to: You should now be at a search screen, apply the appropriate search criteria then click Find.

The student effort data should now be on your screen click the Print button at the top left of this screen.
This will bring you to the print preview screen. You can now select the Term and Week to pull data for.
Once you have the correct week selected click on the Export to Excel icon at the top centre of the screen.
This should open the save to file popup screen.
Save the file.

Choose that file:

Highlight Under:

Ignore Students with Attendance Under:

Then click this button:
And you'll get a table like this

Note on privacy: I don't want to be able to see your data... so I've made it so I can't... even if I did want to...
No data is stored on this server... just takes what you upload... displays it, and then removes it off my server.

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